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Basketball Camps/Clinics

Our basketball camps are always free for the youth who attend. Hosted and led by Langston, our camps are made up of sessions geared toward fostering fundamental skills, health, wellness and positivity. We strive to emphasize the importance of hard work and teamwork - two skills that will take them far in whatever career path they choose.


Healthy Meals

Healthy nutrition is the gateway to being your best and strongest self. Our healthy meal sponsorship program provides game day meals for the Thrive Highschool Basketball Teams.


Court Restoration Project

The Langston Galloway Foundation is committed to reinvesting in disinvested  communities by creating safe spaces to gather and play. The Gus Young Park is the 2nd court that the foundation is excited to revitalize in such a historic baton rouge neighborhood! By creating a state of the art outdoor basketball facility in the heart of baton rouge. 


Disaster Relief

In moments of hope and despair, we provide direct services provided to those affected by natural disaster, while supporting the health and wellness of the youth and their families within the community. Louisiana experiences many hurricanes and other weather related disasters - we're always ready to assist wherever we can.

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